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2. The term “as is”, in the broadest sense, means that the information offered on this website is without warranty; i.e. as a reader of the material on this site, you are reading the material as it was written and such material may not reflect economic realities or current market conditions. I am not obliged to make any updates to the same and am not responsible for any losses as a result of any potential action taken on this information. It is the reader’s responsibility to conduct their own due diligence at all times. The term “research-oriented” means that by accessing this website, you are reading the content of the website purely for educational purposes, and should treat the findings in the same way as you would if reading an academic paper, for instance. Use of this information in any other way is outside of the original intent of this website, and I bear no responsibility for the same.

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6. From time to time, I will provide an analysis of potential trading strategies based on relevant market conditions. These are also on an “as is” and “research-oriented” basis, and are not to be taken as investment advice in any way. You acknowledge that any trading action taken on the same is completely at your own risk, and you agree to indemnify me, and any other affiliations pertaining to my work from any losses that you may incur from the same. I am not aware of your financial circumstances, and do not bear any responsibility in determining if the information on this website is suitable for you. Note that while I describe various trading strategies that could potentially be relevant to a particular market condition, you should not assume that I have any positions in the same, nor am I in any way promoting a particular security through my research. However, I do make a disclosure should I have a position in the relevant security at the time in question.

7. Given the nature of the analytical content on this website, I consult external data sources to supplement the analysis on this website. However, I do not display or retransmit any of these sources in their original format unless having been provided explicit permission to do so. My policy is to only transmit the statistical output based on calculations/analysis that I have personally conducted on the data; the findings/interpretations of which are in no way affiliated with the provider in question. Access to original sources is only possible through the relevant provider directly. While I acknowledge the use of particular data sources where appropriate, I am not in a position to provide direct access to the same.

8. The information on this website is updated regularly and is subject to change at any time. As the webmaster, I reserve the right to add, delete or modify any and all existing information on this website without prior notice.

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