Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis with Keras

When it comes to text mining, sentiment analysis – or gauging sentiment of a particular chunk of text based on its words – is becoming increasingly popular within this area.

Here is how we can conduct sentiment analysis using Keras.

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Image Recognition with Keras: Convolutional Neural Networks

Image recognition and classification is a rapidly growing field in the area of machine learning.

In particular, object recognition is a key feature of image classification, and the commercial implications of this are vast.

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Keras: Regression-based neural networks

Keras is an API used for running high-level neural networks. The model runs on top of TensorFlow, and was developed by Google.

The main competitor to Keras at this point in time is PyTorch, developed by Facebook. While PyTorch has a somewhat higher level of community support, it is a particularly verbose language and I personally prefer Keras for greater simplicity and ease of use in building and deploying models.

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Decision Trees with Python

Let’s take a look at how we can construct decision trees in Python.

A decision tree is a model used to solve classification and regression tasks. As we saw in our example for R, the model allows us to generate various outcomes using the model, allowing us to make a decision with the data.

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