Michael Grogan: Data Scientist

My name is Michael Grogan, I am a data scientist with a passion for statistics and programming. My educational background is a Master's degree in Economics, and as such I have a particular interest in the application of data science to implementing business solutions.

My work has been published on leading data sources such as Data Science Central and Sitepoint. Moreover, I currently offer consulting services to a range of clients from individuals to startup firms to implement dynamic data science solutions. I have worked on projects across a range of industries, including finance, sales and marketing, healthcare, and government policy.

You can get in touch with me at michael@michaeljgrogan.com. Alternatively, you can give me a call at either of the following numbers depending on where you are based:

US/Canada: +1 424 644 6743
Europe:        +44 208 144 7926

Portfolio and Skills

Programming Experience: Python (3 years), R (4 years), Shiny (1 year), mySQL (4 years), C++ (1 year), SPSS (2 years), STATA (2 years), Microsoft Azure (1 year)

Statistics and Machine Learning: ANOVA, ARIMA and Holt-Winters, Decision Trees, Fixed Effects Estimation, GARCH, K-Means Clustering, Linear Regression Modelling (OLS and Logistic Regressions), Monte Carlo Simulations, Neural Network Modelling, Probability Distributions, Stationarity Testing and Cointegration Analysis, Time Series Decomposition

Libraries: car, corpcor, covmat, egcm, lmtest, neuralnet, pandas, matplotlib, MySQLdb, numpy, pyodbc, rpart, rvest, Scikit-learn, scipy, statsmodels, tseries


Portfolio Samples:


Ben Larson, Analytics4all

“Michael’s website is a fantastic reference point for anyone interested in Data Science. He provides real world problems and solutions, showing practical applications often lacking in online resources. He approaches Data Science from a strong mathematics background, providing a fresh perspective not found in the mostly computer science based tutorials.”

Editor, Sitepoint

“This is a superb effort, and we certainly want to publish your R-Shiny article. To be honest, I don’t get many article drafts as well written, structures and crafted as this, so special kudos for that.”

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