About Me

My name is Michael Grogan, I am a machine learning consultant and educator with a passion for statistics, programming, and data science. I help business stakeholders unlock the power of data science in solving some of today’s most pressing business intelligence problems.

Primarily, I specialize in Python and R for machine learning using libraries such as Keras, scikit-learn, and statsmodels, while using R for extensive statistical analysis and certain ML models.

I have presented my work at several international conferences, including:

My main areas of expertise are as follows:

► Audio, Image, and Video Analysis
► Machine Learning
► Regression Analysis and Statistics
► Text Mining and Social Media Analysis
► Time Series Analysis
► Shiny Web Applications

If you would like to get in contact, I can be reached at michael@michaeljgrogan.com.


Michael Grogan is the best data scientist I have ever worked with. I found him through his web site. From his first email, it was clear Michael is a professional and capable individual who truly cares about his clients and ensuring their success. I had a significant project to complete on a tight timeline.

Despite changing expectations and scope, Michael was able to deliver timely, comprehensive, and, most importantly, easy-to-understand analysis of my data. Michael and I live in different continents and are separated by several time zones. This was never an issue and it was easy to communicate with him via Skype and email.

Normally, I don’t write these types of testimonials, but I feel compelled to write one for him, because without his knowledge and willingness to dive deep into my data and utilize different statistical methods, my project would have not been successful. Thanks, Michael.

J. Gariepy, Communications Manager

Michael’s website is a fantastic reference point for anyone interested in Data Science. He provides real world problems and solutions, showing practical applications often lacking in online resources. He approaches Data Science from a strong mathematics background, providing a fresh perspective not found in the mostly computer science based tutorials.

B. Larson, Analytics4all

“We certainly want to publish your R-Shiny article. This is a superb effort. To be honest, I don’t get many article drafts as well written, structured and crafted as this, so special kudos for that.”

Editor, Sitepoint