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The book covers how to:

► Run an OLS Regression in R and test for violations
► Conduct time series analysis including cointegration techniques
► Strucuture data effectively using data frames

Along with this e-book, you will also gain access to customised templates demonstrating how to conduct statistical analysis using the R Programming Language.


About Me (Michael Grogan)

My name is Michael Grogan, I am a data scientist with a passion for statistics and programming.

My background is originally in economics, having graduated with a Master’s degree. However, as time went on I increasingly found myself drawn to the more statistical elements of the subject, such as econometrics, business analytics and quantitative finance.

I frequently began to improve my knowledge in programming languages linked to statistics and big data, including Python, R and SQL, which I have increasingly utilised when working on data science projects for a variety of clients, both in an individual and commercial capacity. If you have a project you need assistance with, or even just have general questions about data science, I would love to hear from you.

I founded this website to illustrate the use of the primary data science languages in conducting statistical analysis and implementing machine learning algorithms. Additionally, my website goes into depth on a range of cross-sectional and time series methods of analysis, including probability and forecasting methods.

Please contact me at

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“Michael’s website is a fantastic reference point for anyone interested in Data Science. He provides real world problems and solutions, showing practical applications often lacking in online resources. He approaches Data Science from a strong mathematics background, providing a fresh perspective not found in the mostly computer science based tutorials.”

Ben Larson – Founder of Analytics4all

“This is a superb effort, and we certainly want to publish this. To be honest, I don’t get many article drafts as well written, structures and crafted as this, so special kudos for that.”

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Subscribe to my mailing list, and receive my free e-book; “R: Regression Analysis and Data Structuring Methods”.
Subscribe to my mailing list, and receive my free e-book; “R: Regression Analysis and Data Structuring Methods”. You will also receive regular e-mail updates regarding data science and programming tips and tutorials.
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