Michael Grogan: Data Scientist

My name is Michael Grogan, I am a data science consultant with a passion for statistics and programming. I specialise primarily in Python and R.

My educational background is a Master's degree in Economics, and as such I have a particular interest in the application of data science to implementing business solutions.

My clients have included individuals, startup firms, as well as larger corporate clients. I have worked on projects across a range of industries, including finance, sales and marketing, healthcare, and government policy.

I also provide a host of data science tutorials through my website, and my work has also been published on leading data outlets such as Data Science Central and Sitepoint.

You can get in touch with me at michael@michaeljgrogan.com. Alternatively, you can give me a call at either of the following numbers depending on where you are based:

US/Canada: +1 424 644 6743
Europe:        +44 208 144 7926

Portfolio and Skills

Programming Experience: Python (3 years), R (4 years), Shiny (1 year), mySQL (4 years), C++ (1 year), SPSS (2 years), STATA (2 years), Microsoft Azure (1 year)

Statistics and Machine Learning: ANOVA, ARIMA and Holt-Winters, Decision Trees, Fixed Effects Estimation, GARCH, K-Means Clustering, Linear Regression Modelling (OLS and Logistic Regressions), Monte Carlo Simulations, Neural Network Modelling, Probability Distributions, Stationarity Testing and Cointegration Analysis, Time Series Decomposition

Libraries: car, corpcor, covmat, egcm, lmtest, neuralnet, pandas, matplotlib, MySQLdb, numpy, pyodbc, rpart, rvest, Scikit-learn, scipy, statsmodels, tseries


Portfolio Samples:


Ben Larson, Analytics4all

“Michael’s website is a fantastic reference point for anyone interested in Data Science. He provides real world problems and solutions, showing practical applications often lacking in online resources. He approaches Data Science from a strong mathematics background, providing a fresh perspective not found in the mostly computer science based tutorials.”

Editor, Sitepoint

“This is a superb effort, and we certainly want to publish your R-Shiny article. To be honest, I don’t get many article drafts as well written, structures and crafted as this, so special kudos for that.”

Muhammad Fawad, Ph.D. Student in Mathematical Statistics

"Your work was very useful to me, and I also want to incorporate new ideas from your portfolio into the project, such as k-means clustering. After this project, I want to learn more R coding from you - I am very impressed with your work."

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